Sunday, November 21, 2010

Luxor 5th Passage

Luxor 5th Passage

Prepare yourself to wield your winged-scarab shooter in Luxor: 5th Passage, a fun filled and great Marble Popper game!

Have fun with playing Download Luxor 5th Passage

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Monster ATV

Play Monster ATV

Ride your ATV over the cars and also obstacles as you grab stars and prevent from tipping over.

Have fun with Play Monster ATV Online

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Rainy Day

Play Rainy Day

It may be heavily raining outside, but this teen girl is ready to brave the awful weather with a superb chic fashion look!

Participate in Rainy Day Game Online

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Romantic Wedding Dress Up Game

Romantic Wedding Dress Up Game

Liza is all set to get married to her true love, to make the wedding more romantic her sweetheart is here to pick her up to the wedding hall. She is completely confused on selecting her wedding dress and she is not at all pleased with the make-up she did.

Have fun with Romantic Wedding Dress Up Online

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Play Paper Venture

Paper Venture

Use your cursor block to help the character over obstacles that would otherwise kill him.

Play the game Play Paper Venture

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Play Shopping with a Friend

Play Shopping with a Friend

When you go shopping with a buddy you usually dress yourself up in some easy going fashion objects. So lets see if you can put together a relaxed outfit which is easy going and cozy for non-stop shopping.

Have fun with Shopping with a Friend Game Online

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Deadly Venom Game

Deadly Venom Game

Mouse to move, interact with targets or pick up items. W, A, S, D keys for stealth attacks. Spacebar to cancel knife throw or tranquilizer gun.

Participate in Deadly Venom

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Mr Bob Gem Collector

Play Mr Bob Gem Collector

Help Mr Bob by collecting 3 of the same collected fragments, located deep underground. Make use of his robot grabber to gather three of the same shaped fragments. Pick-up all of fragments to finish all the stages.

Play the game Play Mr Bob Gem Collector

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Play Garden Adventure

Garden Adventure

Belinda, walking through the botanical garden was lost. This is not easy to escape the mysterious-garden. Necessary to use the correct clues. She needs assistance. Come on, let us assist her. Best of luck and enjoy yourself!

Have fun with Play Garden Adventure Online

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Coco Hair Game

Coco Hair Game

Construct Plant and Fruit towers to defend against the incoming waves of fruits.

Participate in Play Coco Hair Online

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Play Smiley Jump

Smiley Jump

Keep Smiley happy by simply making the jumps.

Have fun with playing Smiley Jump Game

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Halloween Girl Fashion

Halloween Girl Fashion

Entire planet is getting prepared for Halloween parties. Here is our cute little lady, looking for some ideas from you on frightening Halloween costumes.

Have fun with Halloween Girl Fashion Game Online

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Play Pirates Attack

Play Pirates Attack

Adjust your cannon and shoot your cannonball to explode all of the pirates on every single ship.

Have fun with playing Pirates Attack Game

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Fancy Foot Pedicure Game

Fancy Foot Pedicure

As a shoe model this girl should have perfectly manicured toes and feet. Style them to look fantastic in any magazine, paint the nails, put nail stickers on some of the nails.

Have fun with Fancy Foot Pedicure Game Online

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Play Punk Girl Dress Up

Play Punk Girl Dress Up

Checkout the new styles of punk clothing that's going around this trendy planet. Emily is a kind of girl, that loves punk styles and is getting ready to meet her close friends at their meeting point.

Play the game Punk Girl Dress Up

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Download Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles

Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles Game

Charles Baskerville is the most recent victim of a centuries-old curse! Guide Holmes break the curse before the next murder happens!

Have fun with playing Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles Game

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Closed in Addendum

Closed in Addendum

Explore an odd planet and find out what it’s all about. Use arrow keys to walk and jump. Space key for interaction.. Best of luck and have some fun!

Have fun with playing Play Closed in Addendum

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Download Deepica

Download Deepica Game

Help professor Teresa Robinson defeat the living Coral, and reach numerous treasures in the Valley of Lost Depths!

Have fun with Download Deepica Online

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The Legend of the Golden Tome

Download The Legend of the Golden Tome

Start on a fun filled journey through the druid lands and save The Golden Tome of knowledge and magic in this Match 3 game!

Play the game The Legend of the Golden Tome Game

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winter Ball

Winter Ball Game

This attractive princess is getting ready for the winter ball at her fortress. Can you assist her choose the most stunning gown, the fanciest hairstyle and some nice fashion accessories? Make sure she'll be the center of attention.

Play the game Play Winter Ball

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Play Michi in Love

Michi in Love

Michi loves falling in love! Dress her in these beautiful clothes so she can look fantastic. Maybe she can find the real love with your guidance.

Play the game Play Michi in Love

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Gothic Fairy Styling

Play Gothic Fairy Styling

Gothic fairy styled ladies enjoy the dark and evil look! Come up with the best dark fairy outfit possible for this girl, she is going to a fancy dress party and needs your assistance to make the perfect outfit for the dance!

Have fun with playing Play Gothic Fairy Styling Online

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Coal Express 3

Coal Express 3

Drive the train and avoid spilling too much cargo. Upgrade train as you unlock brand-new maps.

Have fun with Coal Express 3 Game Online

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mothership Defender Game

Play Mothership Defender

Defend your Mothership from the incoming wicked aliens!

Participate in Mothership Defender Game Online

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Play Hey Taxi

Hey Taxi Game

Hey Taxi, a topdown game where you must pick-up and drive the customers on their way!! Dodge all objects on your way and turn into an awesome taxi driver!

Participate in Hey Taxi Online

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Download Jane Croft The Baker Street Murder

Jane Croft The Baker Street Murder Game

Help Detective Croft solve the truth of the Baker Street Murder and discover the conspiracy about the murder of her partner!

Have fun with Download Jane Croft The Baker Street Murder Online

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Diesel Valkyrie vs the Undead Reich

Diesel Valkyrie vs the Undead Reich Game

Control Brunhilde, a female steam-punk killing machine, against huge hordes of nazi zombies. Travel World War II Europe, bringing peace back to many towns and finally freeing the souls trapped in these zombies. Fight legendary boss battles which take serious time and strategy to overcome.

Participate in Diesel Valkyrie vs the Undead Reich

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Play Bone Ranger

Play Bone Ranger

Use your flaming skull to burn the chains and defend your fortress! Upgrade your skull! Make use of exclusive abilities and earn awards! Power up fireballs, change your skull to numerous different varieties with exclusive abilities. four game modes from easy to hard.

Have fun with playing Bone Ranger Game

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Squidy Game

Squidy Game

Attempt to complete all twenty-five stages by placing explosives, click anyplace on the screen using the left mouse button to place explosives.

Play the game Squidy Game Online

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Download Unlikely Suspects

Download Unlikely Suspects

Track criminals across the globe in this Hidden Object whodunit! With tons of different outcomes, there’s always a case to crack!

Have fun with Download Unlikely Suspects Online

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Play Aztec God Game

Play Aztec God Game

Become an Aztec God... create flat land so your followers can build huge temples. Accumulate mana from their worship and make use of your forces to smite the unbelievers!

Play the game Aztec God Game Online

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Classroom Dress Up Game

Classroom Dress Up Game

Thankfully there are numerous other things that you can do during a monotonous class..

Have fun with Play Classroom Dress Up

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Gunfire Echoes Game

Gunfire Echoes Game

Gunfire Echoes is a wonderful sci-fi defense game! Packed with numerous weapons, achievements as well as boss fights.

Participate in Gunfire Echoes Online

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Play Mountain Princess

Play Mountain Princess

Even though she lives in a fortress in the mountains, this wonderful princess always manages to look very fashionable and cool. Dress her up and make her look lovely as usual!

Participate in Mountain Princess Game

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Nuclearoids Game

Nuclearoids is probably one of the most colorful chain reaction puzzle game ever... but may cause epileptic seizures, so take care!

Participate in Play Nuclearoids Online

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Deadly Neighbours

Deadly Neighbours

Equip your team with guns and the look you want. Fight neighbor teams in turn based attacks.

Have fun with playing Deadly Neighbours Game Online

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Swingy Ball

Play Swingy Ball

Swing from the connections and hit the light points in order to get the highest score in one minute.

Participate in Play Swingy Ball Online

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Run 2 Live Hardcore Pack Game

Run 2 Live Hardcore Pack Game

A hardcore pack for Run 2 Live game. One button skill game with extraordinary game environment.

Have fun with Play Run 2 Live Hardcore Pack Online

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Road Devil Game

Road Devil

Drive your vehicle as you deliver your packages. Do not spill any on the way.

Play the game Road Devil Game

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Chinese Ethnic Fashion Styling Game

Chinese Ethnic Fashion Styling

Ethnic Chinese fashion is todays theme, come up with the most ethnic styled outfit possible.

Play the game Chinese Ethnic Fashion Styling Online

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Play Moods

Play Moods Game

Your favorite bouncing ball game with a twist, in which you will need to match your moods instead of balls. Shoot the similar moods to clear the board.

Play the game Play Moods Game

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Violet My Teacher Game

Violet My Teacher

Violet is a kinder garden teacher who's loved and admired by all the kids in her class. She is the most wonderful and adorable teacher in the school and you have the opportunity to dress her up as you wish.

Have fun with Violet My Teacher Online

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pig Detective Game

Pig Detective

Your task is to find and catch the criminal in this amusing city in which anything is possible. Make use of your mouse to point & click causing a chain of reactions and actions which will guide you to untangle the mystery.

Have fun with playing Pig Detective

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Play Armed with Wings 3

Armed with Wings 3 Game

Embark on a journey to conquer thirty levels through 6 chapters. Armed with your eagle, you need to end this network of evil.

Participate in Armed with Wings 3 Game Online

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Glam Fashion

Play Glam Fashion

This fancy stylista is used to steal the spotlight and be the center of focus in her fancy-sophisticated, stunning clothes!

Have fun with Play Glam Fashion

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Autumn Bike Ride

Autumn Bike Ride

Grab your motorbike and get ready to enjoy breathtaking views. Made to attract the expert and novice alike, this racing game combines competition and leisure.

Participate in Play Autumn Bike Ride Online

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Mystery Valley Game

Mystery Valley Game

A rash of murders has struck, and it’s your decision as an FBI agent to find the killer in Mystery Valley, a dark Hidden Object game!

Participate in Mystery Valley

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Zombies Surrounded

Zombies Surrounded

Your name is Lance Greenly, and you are lucky to still be alive. You wrecked your vehicle someplace in the outskirts of town, and thankfully, a survivor has come to your rescue. You're stuck in an abandoned house. There is no explanation of what is happening. The only thing that is clear - It's not normal. Will you be able to survive through the night?

Play the game Zombies Surrounded Game Online

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Trap Em Game

Trap Em

Grow the limited amount of patterns to try and block the growing number of balls.

Participate in Play Trap Em Online

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Download Haunted Halls Green Hills Sanitarium

Download Haunted Halls Green Hills Sanitarium

Explore a decrepit psychological asylum and find your missing boyfriend in Haunted Halls – Green Hills Sanitarium!

Have fun with Download Haunted Halls Green Hills Sanitarium

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